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Manual of the comfortable chair


This is exactly what we will talk about in this article – how to choose a comfortable chair.

The size is very important for the comfort of the chair. Initially you could say that this is not the case, but depending on the individual needs of everyone in your family the size very much influences the comfort. For example if someone in the family is taller or shorter the standard size chair will not be the best solution – the taller people will have problems finding space for their legs and the shorter could not reach the floor. This is very important for the smaller members of the family. For each one of these cases it is good to look for an individual solution, for example buying barstools for the taller people or chairs with adjustable height for the growing children.

Another very important point for the chair comfort is its ergonomics. Mostly this applies to the office chairs as well as the children’s rooms chairs, because they are used much more time than the other chairs in the house and because while using them the position of the body is specific and most intense. Further to that the correct position of the back and the arms and the distance between the body and the working table and only part of the points you should keep in mind and which make the chair ergonomic.

The best way to choose a chair is to try how you will feel sitting in it. Your body will show you is it the right one or not. If you feel comfortable pay attention is your back stable enough or is it tense. Even the smallest tension in your back during the test of the chair could lead to eventual back pains or discomfort. This is important also for the dining chairs, because their design is with straighter and a bit harder backs.

Apart from the correct position of your back the chair needs to touch also the lower back following the spine or to have a bit of a S-shape.

Regarding the seat – it should be soft and comfort. Don’t forget that you will be sitting on it hours every day. Currently there are many options for softer seat, including ergonomic foam. You will choose the correct solution for you.

At both sides of your body there should be minimum two centimeters to the end of the seat, which will give you more free movement. If you are looking for an armchair make sure the arms height is proportional to your body. If they are too low your arms and shoulders will be tense and could hurt. If they are too high they could affect badly your blood circulation.

In any case you can easily trust your body when you are choosing a comfortable chair – it know what you need.

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